Sauna FAQs

What will the experience be like?

The infrared sauna wrap controller allows for complete customization during your sauna session. Duration and temperature can be controlled for 3 separate zones, allowing for superior comfort and effectiveness. Our attendants will walk you through the process before your first sauna with us and set the bed with your preferences.

When you enter your private sauna room you will change into your sweat clothes (sometimes this will be in a separate change room when the studio is exceptionally busy).  Clothing is required and you should wear loose, comfortable, absorbent skin-covering clothes. Light sweatpants, a long cotton tee-shirt and socks are ideal--many people wear pajamas.   Please note that you will want to bring something to change into after your session.

  • It’s good to have a little something in your stomach before you sweat – something light is better than a heavy meal.

  • Hydration is critical!  Your body functions optimally when it has enough water and will use water to flush out toxins, so the more fluid you have the more you’ll be able to flush them out. You’ll also want to continue to hydrate during and after your sweat.  Hydration will keep you feeling vibrant and revitalized.

How long will the session last?

To optimize your body’s ability to have the best sweat, your infrared sauna wrap will last 60 minutes.  You are given an additional 10 minutes in the room to accommodate your time before and after your sauna.  When the studio is busy you will be asked to use our changerooms to ready yourself for your sauna.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you need to reschedule we ask that you provide 24 hours notice. You can do this online or  phone at 416-901-9967.  Late minute cancellations may result in cancellation charges so please contact us as soon as possible.

What if I’m running late?

If you know that you’ll be late for your appointment please call us at 416-901-9967. We will do our best to work with you to find accommodations that work for you as well as our other clients. 

How often can I sweat?

Infrared sauna wraps can be used as often as every second day, and as the results are cumulative regular use may be beneficial.  We have a monthly membership package that helps make that an affordable option (maximum use 15 sessions).  For those who are relatively physically inactive, taking saunas every second day is optimal.  Continued hydration is important if you opt to enjoy our infrared sauna wrap regularly. 

Should I shower after my session?

Showering immediately after your session is not recommended.  Your body will continue to experience the benefits of the sauna for 30-60 minutes after exiting, due to your amped up metabolism which will result in further detoxification.  Generally, it is recommended that you wait about 2 hours before showering after your infrared sauna session.

How do you clean the beds after use?

The sauna wrap is thoroughly cleaned with a hospital grade sanitizer. The bed is also 100% non-porous so nothing penetrates the wrap. Cleanliness is always of utmost importance at Lumen.

Can an adult teenager use infrared sauna?

As a child's core temperature rises much faster than adults it is recommended that children do not use our sauna. A teenager may use the sauna with the signed consent of a legal guardian.