an infrared sauna experience

Sweat Often Live Well!

March 26th 2020-as we continue to work on distancing ourselves from one another we do not expect to reopen until it is determined by experts that it is safe to do so. Let's hope that measures in Canada, and around the world help to resolve this soon so that we all can be safe. We would like to thank all of our healthcare workers, and everyone else who continues to heroically work through this scary time. We are so thankful.

March 16th 2020-lumen studio has made the decision to close for business until March 31st.  This is an extraordinary time and we feel that the best way to look after our clients, and employees, is to do whatever we can to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 virus through social distancing. This is a precautionary measure to protect those around us. We will reassess our position after March 31st.  These are indeed challenging times and we do hope that everyone remains safe and well. 

Glow from the inside out with lumen studio.  Purify, detoxify, and rejuvenate in your private, dry sauna suite


Introducing lumen studio

An infrared sauna wrap at lumen studio is a simple way to purify, detoxify and rejuvenate. While you may not want to skip the workout, you can get many of the same benefits from relaxing and letting the sauna do some of the work for you. Get healthier, fitter, more toned, and happier, all while lying down! There are few other ways to get huge health benefits with minimal effort.